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One Motive Sports, LLC started out as a vision by two lifelong friends to honor the legacy of a fallen friend that passed away a few months before the company launched in 2018. The term “One Motive” has a deep meaning with our company as our one motive is to pursue being happy. We launched the company with a huge learning curve to be made, no real connections in the industry but most importantly we had ambition and drive. To be able to make a living being around the game of basketball and helping young people fulfill their dreams of playing professional basketball is a very worthwhile purpose.


The company is proudly based in our hometown of Jonesboro, Arkansas. We are proud to have placed clients all over the world and represent clients from multiple countries. Our vision is to always treat our clients and their families with the utmost respect and honesty. There is no client or deal too big, or too small. We don’t call our players just clients, we refer to them as part of the One Motive Sports Family. We believe treating our clients like family is much more important than the client feeling like “just another number”.  Our focus is to always remember this no matter how big the company gets and to always put the OMS Family member first! The odds have been stacked against us from the beginning, but there is an old quote that reads “the distance is nothing when one has a motive”.

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