About One Motive Sports Exposure Camps:


One Motive Sports Exposure Camps provide a unique opportunity for players around the world to compete at a high level and get a chance to grab much needed exposure to play at the professional level. The camp is hosted by One Motive Sports, LLC, an agency that has placed over 100 players in over 40 countries around the world to date.


We strive to be different from a typical exposure camp that has you play a few games, go home, and most likely never hear anything again. This is not a "cash grab" event. While nothing is guaranteed by attending the camp, players will receive a great experience that includes high level drills/competitions, full games that are highly competitive and recorded for your use as soon as the camp is over, evaluations sent out to a database of over 500+ coaches, general managers, scouts and other agents around the world, and much more!


We are sincerely looking for undervalued talent that can not only help our company grow, but to help other agencies we work closely with and trust find talent and teams at all levels. We look forward to seeing you come show us what you have at one of our camps!





One Motive Sports Exposure Camp Alumni